Our company was founded with the vision to provide wireless operators with systems to turn technical network information into valuable market communications data. We make complex technical information accessible and understandable to non-engineering personnel through simple and intuitive interfaces, so it can be clearly communicated to the end users. Our products connects the engineering system to the operators intra/internet, and gives customer support, management or even the end customers instant access to up-to-date coverage maps and other network information. Follow the product links for more information on our products.

We use modern development tools, relational databases and web server technology to quickly tailor our base applications to the operators precise requirements.

We look forward to discuss your customers requirements for network information!


2018-02-01 New MIM API version available

MIM API version 4.03 is now available. New features are statistical presentation, historical outage presentation, and general enhancements of the API.

2017-02-24 New PCI Planner available

A new version of the PCI planner which actively detects first and second order conflicts and automatically replans PCI's is now available for NMT.

2017-01-15 New NMTGIS version available

NMTGIS version 8.6 is now available for existing & new customers. The new version includes improved graphics, faster startup as well as new functionality to detect and visualize RSI overlaps. Read more about NMTGIS here.